BLOG | Softwood deal remains out of sight

At this time last year, with the election of a new U.S. president it looked like Canada had a fresh shot at securing a new softwood lumber agreement (SLA) with the U.S. President Donald Trump had been elected on a promise to stick up for average citizens, not special interests like the powerful U.S. lumber

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PODCAST | What the West? 006: Above the tree line

Subscribe |?(iTunes) |?Google Play | Stitcher | Pocket Casts Download | Episode 005: 8 for 2018 Canada and the U.S. have been trading lumber since the 1800s – and fighting about it for just as long. In November last year, the U.S. Commerce Department slapped Canadian exporters of softwood lumber into the U.S. with permanent

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BLOG | Key dates this fall in softwood lumber dispute

This spring, the U.S. slapped countervailing duties on its imports of Canadian softwood lumber,?followed by anti-dumping tariffs. As August winds down, Canadian exporters are getting a brief reprieve, but the trade dispute is not over. Below is a brief update with some of the key softwood dates this fall: August 25 The preliminary countervailing duties

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BLOG | TPP11 is Canada’s chance to get a trade deal with Japan

Despite the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP), the largest trade deal in history hasn’t disappeared. In fact, Japan and New Zealand have already formally ratified the deal – now the TPP11 – and other signatories are looking to do the same. Canada should follow suit, if for no other reason

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BLOG | What Ottawa’s softwood lumber aid package means for the industry

Today’s announcement of an $867 million support package from Ottawa for the softwood sector comes just one month after the U.S. imposed countervailing duties, averaging 20 per cent, on Canadian softwood lumber shipped into the U.S. The quick response from the federal government comes even before the full extent of the impact of U.S. duties

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Dairy, lumber and NAFTA: Protectionism hurts consumers on both sides of the border

For more than 20 years, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has facilitated an expansion of trade in goods and services between Canada, the United States and Mexico. That expansion, the business built upon it and US$2 billion a day in trade between Canada and the U.S. are all potentially at some risk in

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