PODCAST | What the West 015: Makin’ ‘peanut butter’ in Alberta

We produce a lot of oil here in Western Canada. Much more than we can use. So what do we do? We send it to whoever will give us the most money for it. But no one can seem to agree on the best way to maximize the value we get for this natural resource.

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China Brief | Edition 09

Edition 09:?Golden opportunities for Canadian energy amid the U.S.-China trade fight, Wayne Gretzky is boosting China’s hockey profile and a rare public protest in China. Read more… Quote of the week “The Chinese people have really rallied around hockey. Someone told me that last year, Pittsburgh and Nashville had 36 million people in China that

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BLOG | Sustainable, affordable and reliable: Envisioning Canada’s energy future

In April, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr launched Generation Energy – a six-month cross-country dialogue on Canada’s energy future. The dialogue concludes this week in Winnipeg, Man. with a national symposium attended by stakeholders from across the country. From there, the government will use the input to craft an “approach focused on how the federal

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BLOG | Indigenous support for energy projects tells the other side of the story

This week, indigenous leaders from both sides of the Canada – U.S. border gathered in Calgary to sign a declaration of opposition against the Keystone XL pipeline. Indigenous support for many energy projects Our job at the Canada West Foundation is to be as objective as possible, to rely on the best evidence available. And

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WATCH | Up Front: Modernizing the National Energy Board

Today, the Canada West Foundation released Up Front: Modernizing the National Energy Board. Report author Trevor McLeod, Director of the Natural Resources Centre, discusses the report’s recommendations, and the way forward for the NEB. The report is as much about putting the energy decision-making system into perspective as it is about fixing the National Energy

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Loonie’s rollercoaster year a sign of the times in 2016

With the decline in oil prices, the falling loonie has had quite the year so far in 2016. In early 2016,?the Canadian dollar hit the lowest it has been since 2003, when it closed at 71.02 cents US. As oil prices slowly began climbing, the Canadian dollar did too, reaching 77.55 cents US in June

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