China Brief | Edition 06

Edition 06: How a mountain of plastic is causing a major recycling headache, the rise of a robot farm, China’s fading soccer dreams and why we’re finally calling it a U.S.-China trade war. Read more… Quote of the week (in honour of the World Cup) “China’s soccer troubles are a case study in the limits

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China Brief | Edition 05

Edition 05: What the heat-up in the China-U.S. trade dispute could mean for Canada, how Chinese recycling restrictions continue to impact Canadian communities, and how the future of Chinese agriculture may be in self-driving combines. Read more… Quote of the week: “But always in the background [this week] was China – its growing power in

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PODCAST | What the West 013: Canada’s secret weapon on trade

From reopening NAFTA to America First and musing about implementing tariffs and border taxes, U.S. President Donald Trump has thrown out the rule book on trade, and with it, everything Canada was accustomed to in dealing with the U.S. Canada’s best hope in dealing with changes in the U.S. isn’t Ottawa, it is on the

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BLOG | How western Canadian businesses can benefit from dramatic tariff reductions in the CPTPP

On May 22, the federal government tabled the text of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), taking the first step towards ratifying the multilateral trade deal. While it’s still unclear when the deal will get over the finish line, once it’s in effect, there are big opportunities for western Canadian businesses. The

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BLOG | Canada’s steel and aluminum industry, and the impact of U.S. tariffs

Canada suddenly finds itself locking horns with the United States over steel and aluminum. The first salvo came from the U.S., which as of June 1, enacted tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico, and the EU – steel will have a 25% tariff going into the United States, and aluminum will have

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PODCAST | What the West? 012: Talking about talking about carbon taxes

In this episode, we’re talking about talking about carbon taxes. What do people know about carbon taxes? What do they think about them? What is it like talking about them across the political divide? Host Nick Martin talks with Mark Cameron from Canadians for Clean Prosperity, former policy director for Prime Minister Harper and a

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