China Brief | Edition 013

IN THIS EDITION: Trudeau returns from the China-Canada Leaders’ Dialogue; speculation continues to swirl about the impact of that USMCA clause on the Canada-China economic relationship; and mini terracotta warriors (!). Read more… Quote “We have to be quiet and not grandstand. But we’re about the only country in the world that both [China and

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BLOG | What the U.S. has – and hasn’t – learned since the last time it slapped tariffs on imported steel

The aluminum and steel tariffs President Donald Trump slapped on Canada last week may have caught some Canadians by surprise. But it’s not the first time in recent history that that the U.S. has imposed tariffs on imported steel (albeit not on Canada) – and done so immediately in advance of U.S. congressional mid-term elections.

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BLOG | Pallister government steps forward, but not far enough, with Manitoba climate plan

Last week, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister unveiled his government’s Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan that lays out how the province will reduce climate changing emissions over the next five years, including a price on carbon. The plan is a big step in the right direction for a province that fought against a federally imposed price

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Analysis: How Trump’s threat to scrap NAFTA could unfold (and what it means for western Canada)

As the fourth round of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiations get underway, there is still understandable concern that U.S. President Donald Trump will make good on?a threat he has made repeatedly since assuming the Oval Office: that the U.S. will terminate NAFTA. With 76 per cent of Canadian goods exports (2016) and more

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BLOG | Sustainable, affordable and reliable: Envisioning Canada’s energy future

In April, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr launched Generation Energy – a six-month cross-country dialogue on Canada’s energy future. The dialogue concludes this week in Winnipeg, Man. with a national symposium attended by stakeholders from across the country. From there, the government will use the input to craft an “approach focused on how the federal

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WATCH | Up Front: Modernizing the National Energy Board

Today, the Canada West Foundation released Up Front: Modernizing the National Energy Board. Report author Trevor McLeod, Director of the Natural Resources Centre, discusses the report’s recommendations, and the way forward for the NEB. The report is as much about putting the energy decision-making system into perspective as it is about fixing the National Energy

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