BLOG | U.S. one step closer to imposing permanent duties on Canadian softwood lumber

The U.S. Commerce Department just released its final determinations in its antidumping (AD) and countervailing (CVD) duty investigations against Canadian softwood lumber imported into the U.S. As expected, Commerce announced it will indeed impose finalized duties in both cases. Commerce revised its tariff rates to be slightly lower and also excluded lumber from Newfoundland and

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BLOG | Key dates this fall in softwood lumber dispute

This spring, the U.S. slapped countervailing duties on its imports of Canadian softwood lumber,?followed by anti-dumping tariffs. As August winds down, Canadian exporters are getting a brief reprieve, but the trade dispute is not over. Below is a brief update with some of the key softwood dates this fall: August 25 The preliminary countervailing duties

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BLOG | What Ottawa’s softwood lumber aid package means for the industry

Today’s announcement of an $867 million support package from Ottawa for the softwood sector comes just one month after the U.S. imposed countervailing duties, averaging 20 per cent, on Canadian softwood lumber shipped into the U.S. The quick response from the federal government comes even before the full extent of the impact of U.S. duties

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BLOG | Latest salvo in softwood war must galvanize Canada on market diversification

It’s official. This week, the U.S. Commerce Department announced it will impose countervailing duties on Canadian softwood lumber entering the U.S. – an average of 20 per cent. In June, it will conclude a second investigation initiated by the U.S. lumber lobby, and is expected to slap additional anti-dumping duties of 20 to 30 per

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BLOG | To get a softwood deal with Trump, Canada should take these 5 messages to Washington

Photo credit:?iStock, BasSlabbers Donald Trump officially becomes U.S. president today, and will begin implementing his trade agenda. He comes to office touting his plans for “creating jobs and wealth for American workers.” Canada’s best hope in resolving the escalating softwood lumber dispute is to use this to our advantage. Canada has a very short window

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Time is ticking on getting a new Softwood Lumber Agreement

President Obama’s address to the House of Commons?on Thursday?touted the benefits of free trade and the co-operative relationship between the U.S. and Canada. While many of his remarks received thunderous applause, his silence on a major trade dispute that has been flaring up between the two neighbours for centuries was just as deafening. It was

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