China Brief | Edition 09

Edition 09:?Golden opportunities for Canadian energy amid the U.S.-China trade fight, Wayne Gretzky is boosting China’s hockey profile and a rare public protest in China. Read more… Quote of the week “The Chinese people have really rallied around hockey. Someone told me that last year, Pittsburgh and Nashville had 36 million people in China that

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BLOG | Setting it straight on carbon taxes

A recent opinion column on carbon taxes published by the CBC initially left me, and I suspect many others, somewhat confused. There are a number of dubious claims, and I hope this response can clear some of them up. A major point of the article is that Canada’s carbon taxes will not actually reduce emissions

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BLOG | Sustainable, affordable and reliable: Envisioning Canada’s energy future

In April, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr launched Generation Energy – a six-month cross-country dialogue on Canada’s energy future. The dialogue concludes this week in Winnipeg, Man. with a national symposium attended by stakeholders from across the country. From there, the government will use the input to craft an “approach focused on how the federal

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BLOG | How to enforce the oilsands emissions limit – command and control or market-based mechanisms?

On June 16th, the Oil Sands Advisory Group (OSAG) publicly released its report providing advice to the Alberta Government on implementing the oilsands emissions limit. Part of Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan, the oilsands emission limit restricts greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the oilsands sector to 100 megatonnes (MT). The report’s recommendations can be grouped broadly

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BLOG | Getting from here to there, is 100 per cent renewable energy the only answer to our climate goals?

Can we meet all our energy needs with renewable sources by mid-century? The answer is most assuredly yes; anything is possible with unlimited resources. But the key question is always at what cost? Some research suggests a 100 per cent renewable future is achievable at reasonable cost. In a high-profile 2015 study, researchers led by

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Embracing nuclear for Canada’s energy future |
Part three: The future of nuclear energy is promising

THIRD?IN A SERIES ON EMBRACING NUCLEAR FOR CANADA’S ENERGY FUTURE Globally we are trying to reduce GHG emissions. In Alberta and Saskatchewan, we are desperately trying to clean our electricity grids. Yet, despite the fact that uranium deposits are abundant in Saskatchewan, no one is talking about nuclear power as a solution. In this blog

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