PODCAST | What the West? 012: Talking about talking about carbon taxes

In this episode, we’re talking about talking about carbon taxes. What do people know about carbon taxes? What do they think about them? What is it like talking about them across the political divide? Host Nick Martin talks with Mark Cameron from Canadians for Clean Prosperity, former policy director for Prime Minister Harper and a

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PODCAST | What the West? 011: Come for the budgets, stay for the rap

Brace yourself – it’s budget season. Here in the West, which province actually balanced its books? Where is the debt-to-GDP ratio highest? Who is lighting up the ledgers with legal pot sales? And about that carbon tax… In this episode, we dive into the provincial budgets of B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. And, spoiler alert,

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BLOG | Setting it straight on carbon taxes

A recent opinion column on carbon taxes published by the CBC initially left me, and I suspect many others, somewhat confused. There are a number of dubious claims, and I hope this response can clear some of them up. A major point of the article is that Canada’s carbon taxes will not actually reduce emissions

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PODCAST | What the West? 003: Is carbon pricing the end of the world?

Subscribe |?(iTunes) |?Google Play | Stitcher | Pocket Casts Download | Episode 003: Is carbon pricing the end of the world? Read | The infamous “man hog” article Carbon pricing. Most economists think it’s the best way to reduce climate-change causing emissions. But it hasn’t exactly won over politicians to the same degree. Or the

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BLOG | Pallister government steps forward, but not far enough, with Manitoba climate plan

Last week, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister unveiled his government’s Made-in-Manitoba Climate and Green Plan that lays out how the province will reduce climate changing emissions over the next five years, including a price on carbon. The plan is a big step in the right direction for a province that fought against a federally imposed price

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BLOG | Sustainable, affordable and reliable: Envisioning Canada’s energy future

In April, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr launched Generation Energy – a six-month cross-country dialogue on Canada’s energy future. The dialogue concludes this week in Winnipeg, Man. with a national symposium attended by stakeholders from across the country. From there, the government will use the input to craft an “approach focused on how the federal

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