China Brief | Edition 012

IN THIS EDITION: Canada’s top cybersecurity official argues Canada can “handle” Huawei, new North American trade deal could have implications for a trade agreement with China, and a look at Canadian energy exports to China. Read more…?? Quote: “[Beijing’s] approach is similar to their approach on general China-Canada relations. On one hand, China wants to

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China Brief | Edition 011

Edition 011: Chinese companies team up with Indigenous group to build Alberta refinery, Saskatchewan premier’s trip to China, and an “Asian Super Grid.” Read more… Quote of the week “Is China an unfair player deserving of the US trade penalties or a deeply misunderstood victim?” –?Karishma Vaswani, BBC. Excellent piece on the two narratives about

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PODCAST | What the West 016: Mexico’s new energy reality

It’s been more than a month since Mexico’s recent federal elections. With the election of an incoming president?Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, we are now seeing announcements about the team he’ll bring to office with him. In this episode, we look at changes in Mexico and the incoming team on the issue of most

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PODCAST | What the West 015: Makin’ ‘peanut butter’ in Alberta

We produce a lot of oil here in Western Canada. Much more than we can use. So what do we do? We send it to whoever will give us the most money for it. But no one can seem to agree on the best way to maximize the value we get for this natural resource.

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China Brief | Edition 07

Edition 07:?How the heating-up China-U.S. trade war could impact Canada, a look at what Destination Canada achieved on its mission to China, and why the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board is going to invest in China’s rental housing sector. Read more… Quote of the week “Yes, the U.S. far surpasses China in terms of its

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China Brief | Edition 06

Edition 06: How a mountain of plastic is causing a major recycling headache, the rise of a robot farm, China’s fading soccer dreams and why we’re finally calling it a U.S.-China trade war. Read more… Quote of the week (in honour of the World Cup) “China’s soccer troubles are a case study in the limits

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